Thursday, November 18, 2010

Until Spring

Well, both our chickens are gone now. One died a few weeks ago and we have no idea why. We watched the other one thinking maybe they were sick, but she seemed to be fine. She stayed in the hen house for two days though. :( She also started molting and stopped laying eggs. Apparently molting is normal for this time of year, although why their feathers thin when it's getting cold, I don't know! So Thelma is no longer with us. We decided to find an adoptive home for Louise because I thought she might be lonely all winter alone. We do want more chickens, but I don't think getting chicks right now is a good idea. So, we're waiting until spring and we'll try again. Louise is now among a medium-sized flock of other Rhode Island Reds and will hopefully find herself at home soon, free-ranging on the large property.

Sigh. I miss them though. Every morning I go open the back door blinds and peek out to check on them only to remember they're not there. I also really miss the eggs! I had to start buying eggs this week again - bummer. But hopefully we'll get our yard re-fenced the way we'd like and our chicks in the spring will have a nice range for hunting bugs and other chicken goodies.

Plus, the sooner the yard is re-fenced and partitioned, the sooner I can let my two little monkeys run around outside without worrying. Right now, I always fear they'll run in two opposite directions! They stare out the back window at the swing set and ask now. It would be nice to let them run off some energy - that's for sure!

Things have been busy, but it seems they always are. When one thing ends, something else replaces it. I've decided it's just my season of life and I'll have to deal with it. On a positive note, it has helped me learn better about prioritizing, and what is really worth the time sacrifice. Some things just aren't worth the energy compared to the money I save - lol!

We never got a chance to plant a fall garden, so I'm disappointed about that. The beds needed to be tilled and there just weren't enough free weekends. I can't really work out in the yard during the week anymore because the boys won't let me! We took the play-yard down, which has been nice, but it's also meant there is nowhere safe for the munchkins to be contained. But, once they were learning to climb out, it was time...

I did take some time over the last 2 months to collect pinecones and sweetgum balls to use as fall/winter decor, which has been fun. The last of our okra dried lovely, so I saved it too for decorating. When we put up the Christmas tree, we're not doing all the glass ornaments this year. We're just doing lights and I'm going to put pinecones and other natural elements on it so the boys don't get in too much trouble. :) I think it will be pretty...I'll try and include some pictures when it's up.

And now it's feeding time at the zoo...