Friday, June 12, 2009

Similac coupons?

So it's been a million years since I posted a blog. I've known for a while now, but then I felt like it needed to be about something important rather than everyday jazz because it had been so long. I'm giving up on that however and just writing... because I can.

We've settled into a nice little routine with the boys. They usually sleep straight through the night now, so that alone makes me feel more human. They're also waaaay more interactive now too, so it's fun to play with them. They really love being startled, which I think is hilarious because I loathe it. I read them stories and they think that's great. We also do a choreographed alphabet song that is apparently fun :) They're rolling all over the place now too, including into and on each other. They sometimes talk to and look at one another and I try to get it on video. However, when I get the camera out they freeze and just stare at me. Little turkeys.

I've been able to start scrapbooking their one-year albums and I'm having soooo much fun! I'm doing one for each of them with 2 pages for every month. Then I will make a yearly family album too. This way I figure one day they can each have an album to keep without having to split everything. Plus, it's easy to lump all their stuff together and I think they need something to make them individual :)

Oh, I've also weaned since about 6 months which has given me mixed feelings. I was really hoping to nurse at least a year, but it got really hard with 2. I had enough milk, but they were very difficult to control at the same time! And it's not like I could just leave one alone while I nurse the other... So, I decided it was better for everyone to just go to bottles. (Oh my word formula is expensive!!!) But, God provides.

Monday is Isaac's birthday, and next week is father's day. I'm taking him to our first Gwinnett Braves game this Sunday (minus the dufflepuds) so that should be fun. Hooray for hot dogs and soda!

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Lauren said...

Lee, I sent you a message on facebook, but I'm not sure how often you check it. So I'm hoping that you have your blogger set up to email you when you get comments!

I have some coupons that I'd love to share with you, as we simply won't use them. I'm not sure how close the next exp date is, but the sooner I can get them in the mail to you, the better. :o)