Monday, February 15, 2010

Giveaway winner! (And award)

Thanks to all who entered, I had fun with my first giveaway! And the winner is...


Congratulations Rachel! Let me know which item you prefer so I can order and ship it to you. I hope you enjoy!

On a totally different note, I won the Honest Scrap award from my friend Lauren over at Thread by Thread. I have never won a bloggy award, nor have I even seen them awarded :) So I will participate and have some fun too.
She said she loves the way I share my heart and become vulnerable. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share openly about the things that matter most to me, and I hope they are an encouragement to other women on the same journey, wherever on the road they may be. Now, the catch to this award is that I must now share 10 unique and honest things about me. So here goes...

1. Ever since my divorce, God has really taken me on a journey of discovering where my roots are. I have found I had much fewer in Him than I desired, and He has repeatedly helped me to understand why I believe what I do. I have learned it is okay to question things, and I'm not sinning when "because I said so" isn't a satisfactory answer in my heart. This is an ongoing journey, and I often find myself realizing anew that I don't know much at all.

2. I used to wonder if I'd ever even want children, or be ready for them. Now that I have 2, it's hard to imagine life without them. I have never been happier or more fulfilled in my life.

3. I'm a homebody. I probably am a bit antisocial. I can go days being at home and having no one over and be perfectly content. I like my nest, and I like nesting. However, I think getting out at least every few days is good for me. Also having some time with just me and Isaac on the weekend, even if for just a few hours, is pretty critical to my sanity.

4. I have a serious book addiction. It doesn't matter how many books I have to read on the shelf, I want new ones. I have an outlet for this addiction because of the online book hold at the library. I can check out dozens at once (which sort of feels like buying them) but then I feel guilty because I rarely read one cover to cover. And, if I do, it requires several renewals...

5. I love the piano. I have played since I was 5, but I really don't have easy access to a good piano anymore. So this makes me very sad, sometimes to the point of tears because I miss playing so much. I have a small electric, but I grew up playing a 7 and a half foot grand, so I admit, I'm spoiled and nothing else is as fun. It's kind of like eating amazing food from a chef everyday for your whole life, and then, after 24 years, having to eat plain rice for every meal. Seriously. That's how different it feels to me.

6. I am constantly rummaging for things I can sell on Ebay.

7. I'm trying to minimize. I have too much stuff and too many things to dust. I seriously don't need it if I haven't used it in a year...or 5 years. I just donated some ski bibs. When am I going skiing again? And my guess is they don't fit anymore anyway. It feels good. It's very freeing emotionally to get rid of stuff. I'm really enjoying the book Isaac got me for Christmas, From Clutter to Clarity. Good stuff.

8. I wish I had more time to crochet. I wish my wrists and arms didn't bother me so much when I did. I also wish I liked knitting. I love the beautiful things my married-in family knits, it has a different look than crochet. It's just much harder...and it hurts more. :(

9. I adore photo editing! And graphic design. Photoshop CS3 is my friend. My good, good friend.

10. I have 5 more classes and I'll have my degree. (The boys interrupted the plan a little.) I really loved going to school, especially once I was taking online classes. It was great when I went back for my own satisfaction. My heart was really in it and I enjoyed it so much.

Well, there ya go. I thought of several other things, but I tried to limit it to what you don't usually hear from me. You already know I love gardening, blah blah blah. :) Thank you all my wonderful friends and family for visiting my corner of the web, and hearing my heart.


Lauren said...

Yay! Congrats to Rachel and thanks for playing along! :)

Ashley said...

I have to defend crochet. People can do amazing things with crochet these days...some things even look like knitting! On Ravelry the other day, there was actually an entire forum thread of people arguring over whether or not a particular hat was knit or crochet because they couldn't tell. Well, it was crocheted! So, there... :)

P.S. I wish your wrist didn't hurt as much either because then we could crochet together. That thought has actually crossed my mind several times.