Friday, January 9, 2009

Full-time job - sitting

So I figured out that if I'm only nursing every 3 hours for one hour I sit in this chair 8 hours a day...minimum. You'd think I would post more blogs. Mostly I watch netflix. And sometimes if I catch them watching the screen, I switch to veggietales. I tried to find some books online, but it's mostly classics and Poe seems a little heavy to read out loud to them. And quite frankly, it's not like I read it for pleasure! Heavy on the macabre, light on the SNL references.

Does anyone own Alias seasons? I'd like to watch through that again without waiting for it on netflix :)

The boys are getting fat, which makes me happy. It's kind of bittersweet though, because they are growing out of their teeny tiny clothes. Of course, I realize they're still teeny tiny, but you know...

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Lauren said...

I'm so glad the boys are doing so well! Have you tried looking on the website hulu for alias seasons? Hulu is free and safe - not a lot of cookies and junk to clog up your computer. We love it and use it ALLLL the time.