Thursday, December 18, 2008

1 month

So I haven't been very good about calling and giving updates. This is mostly because I can't seem to keep track of what day is what and when I talked to people. Here would be the obvious place for a group update, but it's only been in the last day or two that I've mastered the art of typing while I nurse. Now, here I sit, waiting for the need to burb to arise before pausing my typing. (Their need, not mine.)

The boys are both home, almost a week now. Well, 2 for Caleb. I really wish Isaac would have had more than 2 days with both of them before he had to go back to work. He has next week off though, so that will be fun :) Mom's been here most of this week to help, and that has been great. I've had a few test runs taking care of them alone, and it went ok. The main thing is trying to feed them at the same time. I do try to keep them on the same schedule, because, at least then I can sleep an hour or two between feedings. Sometimes, when they're really tired or ate a lot, they'll go longer... Anyway, it's sooo much easier to feed them at the same time if someone hands them to me once I get settled. Also, it's nice to hand them off to be burped. It's a little tricky burping one without bonking the other in the head. Well, at least burping affectively anyway. And Caleb is hard to burb so he requires lots of repositioning. I'll just have to get the hang of it eventually.

I have to say just how unbelievably cute they are too. I would imagine every mother feels this way, but in my case, it really is true :) They make the best faces. Caleb is really putting on weight, so his dimples are starting to show a lot. And I know it's still involuntary, but when they smile, it's adorable. Jacob still needs to grow into his skin a little, but he's trying. His appetite is getting better every day. Sometimes I can't believe how much Caleb will eat. I have no idea how he can put away that much food! But, they're so tiny, I figure there's no harm in letting them eat and eat and eat.

Aside from being tired, I'm having so much fun. Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy this time because it will go by fast and they won't be little anymore, so I am. I mean, tomorrow, they will be 1 month. Sigh.


Ashley said...

I can't believe it's already been a month! Also, you know Stephanie and I weren't actually trying to hide that conversation from you, right? I mean, we might be germy, but we didn't catch a dumb germ! Facebook wall posts are not exactly the most private... :) Anyway, I know you wouldn't make me sit there and watch while Stephanie got to hold them and I don't...but I really do think it'll be ok because I promise to take a really hot shower before I come over, wear fresh, clean clothes, and then scrub down again when I get to your house. Really, I want to come over and take some good pictures of them with Patrick's fancy pants camera. I love you a bunch and I miss you! You have to remember that this quarantine from the babies has also made me be quarantined from you! Also keep in mind that I'm not calling you or texting you much because I don't want to bother you and I don't know when you're actually getting some sleep, etc, etc. Anyway, this has become its own entry, so I better wrap it up. Tomorrow is my last day of school and then I have off until January just tell me when to come over and I'll be there! I can even come see you on Christmas since I have no one at my own house and I'm super depressed about it (do you feel bad for me yet?)

LeeBeeP said...


Actually, I'd love for you to take some really great pics...I haven't been really impressed with the ones we have so far. They're just ok...

As for when, we're trying to spread out the visits over the holidays because they get really tired after a visit. (I guess they don't sleep as well) So I'll let you know when family's coming and we'll work something out. I have a preemie magazine for you too...

Oh, and thanks for filtering the calls...I'm generally awake between2pm and 6pm, but other than that it really depends on how they were through the night :)