Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Latest Baby News

Ok, so I went to the specialist yesterday morning and he said it will probably be my last appt because he doesn't think I'll make it another 2 weeks! Caleb is 5 lbs 9 oz now, and Jacob is 5 lbs. So I already have over 10 lbs of baby in me! No wonder I can't walk so gracefully...

Oh, and I'll be 33 weeks on Thursday

Nakia came over this afternoon to help me start organizing the babies' room. (I say 'help', actually, I just sat and watched her organize) So much to do and so little time! I had a series of contractions this morning that made me panicky that if they came I wouldn't be ready... Praise God they stopped, but I'm glad she came over anyway, because now I feel a little better :) We still need to add the shelves in the closet and organize the bins on them, set up the crib, and of course, put away the things from tomorrow's shower and this coming saturday's... I'm so excited! It's fun seeing all these cute matching things.

Oh, and I'm sooo tired of itching... at least it's gotten better since I tried Dustan's miracle remedy of apple cider vinegar. Nasty stuff, but it actually seems to be working.

Friday I'm looking forward to going to the grocery store. Who knows, could be my last trip before the babies! I'm planning on making it a good one, just in case... I must go finish organizing my coupons now in preparation...

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