Friday, October 23, 2009

Addicted to Tutorials

Ok, so I have been spending a lot of the time on the computer - but, obviously not blogging. I go on these tutorial 'binges' and just can't seem to do other things on the internet for awhile. I have the Adobe creative master suite and I just don't know the programs well enough! If you don't know, a couple years ago I started work at the Tabernacle in Decatur and fell in love with graphic design. (Like I needed another hobby.) However, I really enjoy this other creative outlet! There are so many things I can do. Last year, or well, maybe longer because it was before I was pregnant, I watched every single tuturial on InDesign from (Oh, Lynda, my life is not the same...) Well, I really miss my subscription. Sure, there are free ones, but it always cuts you off when you're getting to the good stuff. There's stuff on youtube, but really, it's so hodge-podge, and they end up leading you back to their site anyway, and Lynda is just so great of a detailed overview of the programs.

I feel I'm getting ahead of myself and making no sense. My point is, I'm hoping to sign up for a subscription soon so I can stop limping helplessly around photoshop. I mean, I've worked in there for awhile now, and I know some stuff, but I know there's soooo much more... I really want to be a better photo editor, and I think I have reached my cap on my own. I have a lot more experience in design and effects than I do with the finer details of professional photography. Now would be an excellent time to insert some of my work, but alas, I am not at home so that will just have to wait until another post.

We (the Webster clan) all went to the Vines botanical gardens Sunday and I'm really looking forward to getting my paws on those photos. They're going to be great! Now, off to indulge in more tutorials.

Wait! One more thing. I baked this wonderful chocolate peanut butter cake that my newfound old friend mentioned in her blog awhile back. Wow, rave reviews! I love to bake, and there's nothing like having people oogle and drool over your baked goods. It gives you a warm, gooey feeling inside.


Ashley said...

we should start a business...I'll take pictures, you edit them.

And if you ever need anyone to oogle and drool over your baked goods, I'm here for you. Really, I don't mind making the sacrifice.

Lauren said...

Glad the cake turned out well. Have you checked out the website One Pretty Thing? It's in my favorite things on the left-hand column of my blog. Everyday she gathers 12 different free tutorials in several different categories from all over the internet. Let's just say that I have a very, very long project wish-list! :)