Thursday, September 4, 2008


So my world this week has been crazy! A good, "I definitely know I'm alive" crazy, but crazy nonetheless. This is a nice respite.

I'm beginning this journal for several reasons. The first being, I love to talk :) It helps me sort my thoughts. Second, I really enjoy Ashley's, particularly because they get emailed to me and I don't have to remember to check the blog... Third, it seemed like fun, and I thought if I enjoyed reading Ashley's, maybe my friends and family would enjoy mine. So welcome to my inner world, and thanks for coming along on the journey of a blonde's meandering thoughts!

Also, as a side note, I may aspire to do proofreading for income, but there will be days I just don't feel like bothering with a read-over and spell check. Also, I really love these ... so regardless of how grammatically incorrect they are, I will use them abundantly. (And for those of you who might have neurotic grammar preferences as I do, at least I put them in 3's!) Please withhold your judgments :)

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