Thursday, September 18, 2008

Catching up

I tell you what, when it rains, it pours. I have been so busy at work, and it's just not letting up! We're still packing up a little every night with the hopes of being done by next weekend for the big move. YAY! We're so excited about everything going through and having a house. It still seems surreal... We're still having to work some things out with the flood insurance, but such is life I suppose. It was supposed to be worked out at closing, but we just found out there's another form we'll have to have involving hiring a surveyor or something. I haven't gotten all the details yet... Sigh.

This morning on our way in, we got a flat on 85, so that was an adventure. Fortunately, it was before I dropped Isaac off for work and it was on the passenger side, so he wasn't on the traffic side. Well, I think in my anxiety about it I didn't turn the car completely off, just the engine. So, when we went to leave, the battery was dead... The one thing I was in charge of, and I couldn't get that right! Lol, at least Isaac was sweet about it. We called 911, and they gave us the number for the HERO units, which is 511, for everyone's future information. I had just dialed their number when one pulled up behind us, so I guess they just patrol or something! He jumped us off and we were good to go. Except tonight on our way home we need to get tires now. Sigh again.

Yesterday was my 6 month appointment. (I can't believe it's been that long already.) We found out that both are boys for sure, so that was very exciting! They have more than a 20% difference in weight though, so I'm going to get a specialist ultrasound sometime in the next week or so to determine if they are fraternal or identical. However, for whoever would like to agree with me in prayer, I'm praying that Jacob (the littler one) puts on a few ounces by the time I get there and it's no big deal. At this point, only an ounce or two puts them in the greater than 20% difference range, so there's still lots of time to catch up! Oh, and the other little boy is Caleb (he's on my left side, kicking away) Jacob likes to do somersaults and roll under my ribs. :)

Ok, now back to the rat race.


Ashley said...

I guess if I had read this before I saw you today I would have known the answer to my question about finding out if they are identical or not...sorry, my computer screen died and I was just able to get back on the compy.

Camille said...

Hey Lee! I found your blog off of Ashley's - congrats on the new house!