Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let the planning begin

So, my first appointment with a nutritionist due to my newly developed gestational diabetes went fairly well. She explained everything so that when I left I felt, "I can do this." It wasn't too overwhelming and all the materials were very helpful, so I thought I could successfully create a meal plan without too much headache.

Now, I am at home, feeling overwhelmed. It's mostly a lack of food already at home that is the issue. My choices are in no way limited, but my budget, sadly, is. So, therein lies my challenge-finding things that fit the parameters that I already have or that I can afford to buy. At least I have the upside of a wide variety of choices. However, I'm pretty sure if peanutbutter and crackers or cheese and crackers are all I have for snacks all week, my nutritionist will have something to say about it! Maybe I will feel more creative later. At least I have my first breakfast and snack decided...

Staying home thus far has been fairly tolerable. I like to watch movies, read, and play on the internet. Overall, I'm naturally reclusive, so it's working pretty well for me. Having regular visits from my close friends and family has helped with the social neglect, so thanks :) (You know who you are) I admit though, there are times I miss the hubbub of work life, even though I complained about it occassionally. I miss seeing certain people everyday, even if it centered around the simple and mundane requirements of the day. Yes, that's it. I miss seeing certain people everyday where our relationships required no maintenance. Just going about our daily lives, we were allowed to enjoy one another's company. Now, I find myself in this awkward place of communicating in ways we never had, simply because they're my friends and I want them to stay that way. Sigh.

I'm also trying to look at the positives to this short season of my life. I get to read more than I ever made time for (because I could always think of something more productive to do). I can watch tv online and just enjoy a show and perhaps crochet (which I rarely did because I could always think of something more productive to do). I can surf around the internet reading articles and news and perhaps whatever other fluff I find to lose myself in... All things I would have felt guilt-ridden indulging in, but now am allowed to do little else. So, with self-release, I allow myself to just enjoy this time. It will come to a swift close when we have 2 little ones absorbing every moment that we might allow for such self-indulgent things.

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